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We’ve been testing our solution extensively by letting it run our own projects, feeding it with the right data to continuously improve the AI, UX and feature scope. Recently, we have also started to give access to external providers to test our product for selected projects and provide objective feedback on how to further improve it. In this section, we are proud to showcase three case studies that demonstrate what impact our product can make and how it can help maximizing efficiency at minimal manual effort, streamlining project and task management facing high staff fluctuations and staying competitive leveraging innovational tech solutions.

Case 1: Maximum efficiency – 95% less manual effort


Handling and analyzing a large volume of incoming calls can be challenging. Traditional quality assessments that rely on random evaluation and manual checklists are prone to errors and heavily reliant on the subjective perceptions of quality analysts. These types of assessments often fail to identify significant sources of errors, making it difficult to address them effectively. Consequently, these approaches do no longer meet the current standards and increasing expectations of customers.


Our solution provides comprehensive and objective call data assessment, automatically flagging parts that do not meet compliance standards.  As these may differ from project to project, our flagging criteria are customizable to meet your specific requirements. Beside keyword and sentiment detection, our engine is designed to understand the context of the conversation. Hence, you could for example request an assessment of the agent’s friendliness on a scale of 1-10 and automatically let it flag any calls with a rating below 4.

This approach allows for a 95% reduction in quality workforce, as the remaining 5% can selectively focus on addressing the flagged areas of concern identified by the system

Case 2: Seamless collaboration – even for fluctuating staff


Frequent staff turnover and increasingly complex client demands can result in disorderly processes, inefficient onboarding systems, and limited information sharing. Therefore, it becomes particularly crucial to have well-defined and documented processes, as well as transparent communication and collaboration, in order to avoid situations that could harm the company or affect the quality of the service.


Our tool facilitates real-time collaboration on project tasks, promoting efficient collaboration towards common goals and preventing costly errors. This also simplifies the onboarding of new employees as transparent project and task mapping is provided. Furthermore, custom alerts notify relevant parties in real-time of  updates or issues through push notifications, allowing for immediate action if necessary.

Our solution facilitates seamless collaboration and immediate information flows to keep your team in sync, work towards common goals and prevents errors. Even with fluctuating staff.

Case Study 3: Ahead of the game – innovative and compliant


Outsourcing projects differ and so do their requirements and success metrics. Unfortunately, some quality analysis tools may not be flexible enough to meet all these diverse requirements or comply with modern data security standards. As a result, some businesses may rely on multiple solutions or manual processes, which both can impede progress. For intelligent AI solutions transforming various industries, neglecting to adopt such innovative technologies can lead to a severe competitive disadvantage in the future.


Our solution is based on state-of-the-art AI models and boasts highly customizable features and assessment criteria that can be tailored to different projects, regardless of their nature, success criteria or metrics. Moreover, the solution allows for manual feedback on every output to foster AI learning and further improve the tailored performance.
Our solution prioritizes data security. Any data generated in Germany is processed and stored only on German servers, ensuring compliance with local data protection laws.

Stay ahead of your competition leveraging highly customizable AI quality assessment features without worrying about data protection violations.

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