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The Market Confronts Contact Centers with Complex Problems

There are over 3 million companies in Germany alone. Not all of them need a call center, but many of these companies could certainly benefit from the services of a call center or are already actively looking for a provider. 

The volume of potential customers is unquestionably enormous – but this is offset by major challenges for call center service providers:

  • High sales and marketing effort plus high lead-gen costs
  • Tarnished industry image and challenges in employer branding
  • Challenging management of under- & overcapacities
  • Financial risk affecting liquidity and factoring

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Master your capacity management in any market conditions

Increase your financial stability through balanced negotiation power


Gain Easy Access to Qualified Leads



  • Free registration and use of the platform
  • Ongoing platform-wide exposure resulting in recurring demand



  • Qualified leads thanks to AI-driven matching technology
  • Additional business with limited competition



  • Building profitable customer relationships
  • Increasing quality by focusing on core competencies

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