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Do you want to outsource an activity or department to a call center, but don’t have the time to take care of provider selection and support? Then Snubes is the right place for you.

With the help of our platform and our call center experts, we take care of the entire provider selection, the preparation of your outsourcing project, and the management of your call center.

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Find the Right Call Center with Snubes

Flexible choice of service provider

You have a contract with Snubes that is not tied to a specific service provider. If you are dissatisfied, we will take care of finding a new call center – without additional costs or effort for you.

Central Contact Person

No matter how complex your project is and how many different call centers have to be deployed to implement it – with Snubes you have a single point of contact to take care of all your concerns.

Focus on core competencies

Stay focused on your core business while Snubes takes care of the entire management of your call center for you, from setup to quality assurance and monitoring to complaint management.

This Is What Our Call Center Management Covers

1. Onboarding

Discuss the requirements of your outsourcing project with our industry experts. This enables us to search for the right provider for you and take care of the onboarding and setup of the call center.

2. Operations

The call center is now working on your project. In order to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction for you, the call center agents receive regular training.

3. Optimization

In consultation with you, we take care of the quality and complaint management of your project. This allows us to quickly identify and resolve problems to achieve the best possible call center performance.

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The Management Services in Detail

1. Provider selection

In consultation with you, we look for the right service provider(s) for you. Depending on the requirements profile, the call center agents deployed will come from one or more call centers. This way we ensure that the desired skill set, as well as the required operating times and languages, can be fully covered. With Snubes as your outsourcing partner, you continue to have a single point of contact for all your needs.

2. Onboarding

Together we discuss your quality requirements for the selected call centers, what goals you want to achieve, what deadlines you have set, when the project should start and evaluate the feasibility and implementation of the project in detail.

3. Setup der Call-Center-Infrastruktur & Einrichten von System-Anbindungen

According to your requirements, we set up the agent teams in the call centers and develop coordinated deployment plans.

Should the call center work on one or more of your systems, such as CRM? We make sure that the IT connections are set up correctly and ready for use at the start of the project. We also take care of the routing of the telephone system, if required.

4. Training of the call center agents

Based on the information you provide, such as FAQs and procedure and process instructions, we work with you to plan the training of the call center agents. Depending on the complexity of the tasks, either all call center agents or only the team leaders, who then pass on what they have learned to their team, are then trained.

5. Operations

Once all these steps have been completed, nothing stands in the way of starting the project and your call center can go live.

6. Quality assurance & monitoring

Once the project is up and running, we take care of quality assurance and monitoring of the project for you. Constant monitoring of call center performance helps us to identify problems quickly and take appropriate measures to optimize them. You will be kept up to date in the form of reports and regular meetings.

7. Complaint management

If you or your customers are dissatisfied with the call center’s performance, we take appropriate action on your behalf. In most cases, problems with a service provider can be resolved through minor process adjustments. However, if this is not the case and a call center change is unavoidable, we will take over the search for a new provider for you. Since your contract is directly with us and not the call center, there are no additional costs or effort for you here.

8. Analysis & optimization

Through many years of experience in outsourcing, we know which screws can be turned to make your cooperation with a call center even more successful. In addition, we continuously analyze the results from quality assurance & monitoring and complaint management to identify and implement optimization opportunities. These often show up in the quality, the cost structure or the automation of processes. In this context, we also take care of any necessary follow-up training for agents. In this way, we ensure that your call center runs as smoothly as possible.

Now Sit Back and Outsource

Relax and enjoy the benefits of successful outsourcing while you take care of your core business. Are you interested in a free consultation? Please feel free to contact us.

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