Our Goal:
“A World in Which
Every Outsourcing Project
Is a Success.”

Marcel Elshoff & Jürgen Thom

About Us

At Snubes, we know that outsourcing has become one of the most important business topics throughout the last years. Sooner or later almost every company wants to improve a service, grow a department, or make a process more cost effective. This is where outsourcing comes in. What sounds so simple in theory can turn out to be very time-consuming and cost-intensive in practice, and that’s exactly why we exist.

Whether you have been involved in an outsourcing project several times and want to look for new alternatives on the market, or you are an outsourcing beginner and want to secure your decision, we at Snubes are happy to support you. With the help of exclusive insights, unique performance data and the many years of industry experience of our team, we lead your outsourcing to success.

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Our History

Snubes GmbH was founded in 2017 by Marcel Elshoff and Jürgen Thom. Independently of each other, both had previously observed with their clients how laborious and often unsuccessful the search for the right call center can be. Only considering the provider search and evaluation, it could cost a company months, while a simple comparison of providers and data-based decisions were nearly impossible at the time.

That’s exactly how it was for one of Jürgen’s customers who, after a long search and drawing up a shortlist, flew around the world for a week to visit the call centers that had made it onto the list. Even though the on-site meetings were able to provide a small insight into the corporate cultures of the service providers, it was still not clear afterwards what service quality could actually be expected. For Jürgen’s customer, this meant that a risky decision based mainly on gut feeling seemed inevitable, despite the great effort involved.

The need of their customers for a simpler and faster solution brought Marcel and Jürgen together and they began developing a business idea. Today Snubes offers an outsourcing platform that allows our customers to easily and efficiently find the right service provider for their individual needs based on exclusive data.

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Germany Accelerator Batch 2021

With the German
Accelerator to the USA

In August 2021, we were accepted by the German Accelerator program. Under this program, we have access to a network of startups that are expanding internationally and receive valuable knowledge from mentors from the startup scene.

Our Management

Marcel Elshoff

Co-Founder & CEO

Marcel Elshoff is responsible for Product and Operations at Snubes. His focus is on the development and optimization of the product and service portfolio. Thanks to his many years of experience in management consulting, he is particularly interested in helping our customers reach their goals faster and more efficiently.

Jürgen Thom

Co-Founder & CEO

Jürgen Thom is responsible for sales and marketing and in particular for key account and partner management. His many years of cross-industry experience in outsourcing allow him to comprehensively understand the strategic and commercial objectives of his customers and to find individual solutions.

Our Mission

We guide our customers to successful outsourcing
by enriching service provider selection and management
with exclusive insights and unique performance data.

Do You Want to Be More Successful with Your
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Based on exclusive performance data of our more than 400 call center partners,
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