The Ultimate
Guide to Outsourcing

How to choose the right contact center
and other service providers.

With this ebook and accompanying workbook, you will become a call center outsourcing professional!

Selecting the right service provider for your external call center is one of the success factors for your outsourcing.

However, only those who are properly prepared for the search and selection process will be able to identify the right partner.

In our ebook, “The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing,” you will learn:

  • How to identify your needs
  • What information your requirements definition should contain
  • How to conduct the provider search
  • How to make a sensible pre-selection
  • What you need to consider when evaluating providers and their offers
  • What you should keep in mind when negotiating a contract
  • How to properly prepare the start of the cooperation

And most importantly: how you can simplify and shorten this process.

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