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Outsourcing a
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Finding and managing the right call center?
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Call Center Selection Based on Data Instead of Gut Feeling

The classic selection process for call centers involves a lot of time and effort. Customers have to try to get a comprehensive picture of a provider through phone calls, meetings, on-site visits, presentations or references. There is usually a lack of valid data sources. As a result, gut feeling often tips the scales in the final call center decision. 

This is not a good basis for successful long-term cooperation with a call center.

Make a Decision You Won’t Regret


  • Over 400 active providers with millions of data points
  • High likelihood of finding the perfect match
  • Outstanding sourcing speed thanks to smart provider matching


  • Audited and exclusive performance data
  • Attractive track record with 93,2% success rate
  • Expert matching support from our experienced
    outsourcing specialists 


  • Tender wizard for easy, accurate RFP process
  • AI-driven matching intelligence with 33 different features & millions of data points 
  • Smart analytics for “Platform Plus” clients

Kaan Savul, Chief Marketing Officer

With Snubes our expectations were met and we felt well advised from the beginning.


Faster than the Regular
Outsourcing Process


More Qualified Providers
with Less Effort


Cost Reduction in Comparison to Inhouse

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