Call Center Backup

Protect your business’ continuity from customer service surges or outages – whether anticipated or due to an emergency.

How Do You Handle
Call Center Surges and Outages?

As a business decision maker, a call center manager, or a customer service manager, avoiding service interruptions, whether due to a one-time event or a recurring seasonal activity, is critical in today’s business environment.

Providing continuity in customer service, however, presents significant financial and administrative challenges for a company. To be prepared for emergencies, peak workloads and other anticipated situations, companies must hire more staff than it needed during normal operations – which means higher costs. If a company decides against this additional staff, it can save budget in the short term, but the company then has to face the risk of a service failure.

The solution? The Snubes “Call Center Backup”, which combines the best of both worlds: a full backup capacity in reserve to ensure full business continuity while not paying for and having to manage the otherwise excess capacity. Our “Call Center Backup” provides a scalable, cost-effective, on-demand solution that meets your business continuity and disaster recovery needs without straining your resources.

In the event of a short or medium term length additional capacity need, Snubes is able to quickly activate high-performance customer support services. Call loads are seamlessly redistributed to fully prepared and trained, verified call center resources precisely for your needs.

Frequent service protection examples include:

Emergency Causes

  • Reduction of in-house call center capacity from pandemics such as the corona virus or waves of influenza
  • Special events, new product launch or seasonal surges such as holidays
  • Natural disasters and weather-related events such as hurricanes, droughts, fires and floods, power outages
  • Terrorist threats, cyber-attacks or security breaches
  • Geopolitical risks such as political events and financial turbulence

Anticipated Causes

  • Labor related disputes and walkouts
  • Switchovers to work-at-home, or to new systems
  • Weekend and evening, holiday accommodations and time-off
  • Hiring and retention challenges, training delays
  • Phase-in-and-out of alternate resources

Our Service Consists of Two Components:

On Demand Call Center
Backup Resources

…ensures your business’ continuity via geographically distributed, vetted and certified call centers and agents matched precisely to your business’ needs:

  • The world’s largest network of national and international call centers
  • Centralized tracking of capacities
  • Qualified call center resource matching based on Snubes’ proprietary historical performance data database and industry best-practices of call center experts
  • Operational readiness from 5 to 100 FTEs in under 6 hours

Optional Voice Dialog

…can be optionally added to the backup service and swapped into your current flows within seconds:

  • Provide callers with information and intelligently searchable FAQs
  • Make changes to it via text (text-to-speech)
  • Recognize caller concerns via AI (intent recognition), prioritize and route to head numbers
  • Adjust prioritization based on the currently available resource situation

On Demand Call Center Support

By using Snubes’ unique widely geographically-distributed call center knowledgebase and performance certified agents, the impact of any interruption for any reason is drastically minimized. As the world’s leading platform for matching suitable call center services, we have access to premier service providers worldwide who have been vetted by our quality assurance experts and deep-data methodology.

For our backup service, we coordinate with national and international call centers and continuously track their capacities in real time.

Snubes has optimized process to gather and define the required parameters and swap-over procedures in advance. Therefore the backup plan can go live quickly and smoothly not only when anticipated but also in the event of an emergency. Factors that are mapped include the desired backup plan, countries and regions, industry expertise, languages, opening hours, team size, model (on-site call center, work-at-home, closed-shop), scope of services and technical requirements.

To ensure that Snubes’ backup service is tailored to your needs, you can choose from three different call center backup packages to suit your needs.

Call Center Backup Packages by Snubes


Swap-over of an
operational team in
4 to max. 6 hours


Swap-over of an
operational team in
12 to max. 24 hours


Swap-over of an
operational team in
24 to max. 72 hours

How the Call Center Backup
Services Are Set Up

1. First, a deployment team consisting of project and team leaders is set up. The deployment team appoints one or more deployment managers in the specifically selected call centers, who subsequently coordinate the deployment and the number of employees. In order to cover the desired request volumes, the chosen agents are carefully trained in the required languages, processes, and content before the start of the project. The execution of stress tests and simulations as well as regular follow-up training guaranteed readiness in the defined time periods in case of deployment.

2. An end-to-end quality assurance process is set up and includes all the necessary processes and tools to implement the customer’s specifications in terms of communication, technical and procedural factors to meet the quality criteria.

3. The quality assurance measures include telephony as well as written correspondence and back-office support. A checklist, based on mutually agreed criteria, is employed and shared at all times. Snubes continuously reviews and manages to the specified quality criteria in order to initiate appropriate measures in case of deviations.

3. When your customer support surge coverage need occurs, your backup call center and its agents are notified via messaging service and the pre-defined plan is engaged.

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