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Would you like to benefit from the advantages of inbound outsourcing? With the right call center at your side, this is no problem.

Does your company have to answer and process a large number of customer calls? Then an inbound call center is the right solution for you.

Whether you offer your customers first-level support, a help or service desk, or a hotline, an inbound call center can handle these telephone services for you. In other words, the call center staff will handle all of your customers’ concerns. These can be orders, support requests or even complaints, for example.

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How Snubes Simplifies Your Call Center Search

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call center platform

Our database of over 300 verified inbound providers alone is guaranteed to have the right call center for you.

Tender Wizard

A smart questionnaire guides you through the comprehensive recording of your requirements in an uncomplicated way.

Call Center
Matching Technology

Thanks to a combination of AI and expert knowledge, you only receive offers from providers that match your project requirements.

The Advantages
of Inbound Outsourcing

Outsourcing your customer contact to a call center pays off:

  • Flexible capacities: Deploy call center agents individually and according to call volume.
  • Time for your core business: Outsource secondary tasks so you can concentrate on your core business.
  • Reduce fixed costs: Hand over items such as personnel costs and infrastructure to your call center partner.
  • Qualified employees: Access trained personnel without having to go through a time-consuming acquisition process.

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Susanne Burger, Managing Director

Thanks to Snubes’ platform, we were able to skip a large part of the outsourcing process and received a shortlist of suitable providers directly.


With Snubes You Can Quickly and Easily Find the Right Inbound Call Center

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By using our platform, you get access to industry insights, best practices and expert advice. This way, you can find the right inbound call center in no time – and 100% free of charge.

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Post your inbound project on our platform. A smart questionnaire ensures that all relevant requirements are specified in the right level of detail. This enables potential call centers to submit a meaningful offer later on.

Find the right call center

As part of the matching process, our smart algorithm creates a shortlist of providers for you that exactly match your company and project. With the help of our call center experts, you can then enter into contract negotiations and choose the right inbound call center.

Could Outsourcing to an Inbound Call Center be Right for You Too?

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