Snubes Quality Monitoring
powered by AI

Comprehensive call quality monitoring for your
call center projects at scale.


Let our AI reduce your manual effort by 95%.


Adjust the Snubes AI to meet your specific needs.

Scale Up

Sale your quality management as you grow.

Rethinking Quality Management

Randomized and biased quality assurance methods can no longer meet the industry’s growing demands. To be truly efficient, we believe quality management needs to be comprehensive, seamless and automated.

We have created a quality monitoring SaaS-solution powered by AI providing real-time data insight along with custom data modeling enabling you to make manual checklists and random evaluations a thing of the past.

Link Up your ACD System and get started

  • Retrieve call record data from your ACD via interface or webhook in realtime
  • Download your voicefiles
  • Retrieve call statistics and process with our analytics
  • Self-service setup

Discover comprehensive quality monitoring
alongside AI-assisted data modeling

Elevate your call quality monitoring with our state-of-the-art SaaS solution powered by cutting-edge voice recognition technology. Our Snubes quality monitoring accurately identifies call participants and efficiently processes and analyzes extensive speech characteristics and sentiments, providing you valuable insights throughout the call duration.

Enhance your operations by seamlessly integrating your phone system, and leverage first-party call insights for AI-assisted project and tender management, feedback, and reporting. Our customizable dashboards offer actionable insights and summaries of all pertinent data and metrics, readily available at a glance. Besides, the processing of german data occurs solely on servers located within the country.

Issue Detection and Flagging

Access a filtered overview of the calls where issues were detected, providing you with a clear and concise view of the most relevant calls.

Call Analysis

Keep track with call summaries, voicefiles, precise transcripts and sentiment analysis.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly towards common goals by providing a clear information flow, automatically assign tasks and getting realtime notifications on any relevant update.

Business Intelligence

Leverage intelligent dashboards and custom reportings to have updates, developments and relevant success metrics available at a glance.

GDPR Compliant

High data security and GDPR compliance is guaranteed. Data collected in Germany is processed and stored exclusively on German servers.

Case Studies

Case 1

Maximum efficiency – 95% less manual effort

Case 2

Seamless collaboration –
even for fluctuating teams

Case 3

Ahead of the game –
innovative and compliant

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