Our Features

Snubes Quality Monitoring powered by AI

Issue Detection & Flagging

Uncover actionable insights through continuous quality assessment and case escalation. Effortlessly identify non-compliant calls through automated issue detection. The flagging is triggered by custom criteria and AI context questions.

Integrated Feedback for AI-Learning

Continuously enhance AI performance towards your specific needs by our integrated feedback mechanisms. Every AI output can be manually reviewed to improve the training data and enhance accuracy towards your unique needs.

Voice Files & Transcription

Our solution is based on state-of-the-art speech-to-text and large language processing models to understand customer and service calls. Benefit from highly precise call transcripts and customizable conversation insights.

Sentiment Analysis

Gain insights into customer and agent sentiment. Our system features language-based sentiment detection, as well as language-independent emotion analytics that detect speech styles such as happiness or disappointment.

Collaborative Task Management

Keep your team in sync, foster clear information flows and anticipate sources of error. Our solution facilitates real-time collaboration on project tasks and keeps you posted on any relevant updates.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

Benefit from our integrated business intelligence, analytics and self-service reporting powered by Google Looker. Gain deeper insights and make data-driven decisions by connecting and analyzing your data, creating and sharing reports, building custom dashboards and setting alerts.

Quality Monitoring

Discover comprehensive call quality monitoring along with AI-assisted data modeling with our SaaS-solution.

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Case Studies

In three case studies we are showcasing our product’s ability to maximize efficiency, streamline projects, and leverage innovative tech solutions for competitiveness.

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