Outsourcing of
Customer Support

Learn how Talixo worked with Snubes to find the right call center to drive company growth.

How Talixo Found the Ideal Outsourcing Partner in Only Two Months

At some point, every start-up probably has to ask itself this question: Which areas of the company will we have to cover in-house in the long term and thus build an internal team, and which areas will achieve greater efficiency, quality and cost savings through outsourcing?

Talixo, a start-up in the platform industry, was also confronted with this question in the area of customer service and decided to take the outsourcing route. Of course, this also meant finding the right call center with which to establish a long-term relationship. This is exactly why Talixo enlisted the help of Snubes.

Find out how, with the support of our call center industry experience, AI-based approach and extensive quality data from our provider database, you can find the ideal partner for your outsourcing project in no time at all.

About Talixo

The global booking platform Talixo, founded in 2012 by the Berlin-based start-up Public in Motion, pursues the goal of efficiently organizing B2B passenger transportation by cabs and limousines. The focus is on optimizing the booking process for the driver and the passenger. While the driver can directly record a higher turnover and profit, the customer benefits through discounts.


Online Services (Platform/Intermediary)

Fast Growth Requires Action

The Talixo booking platform enables customers worldwide to easily book cabs and limousines. The start-up’s goal is to make the booking process as uncomplicated and efficient as possible for both the customer and the driver. From the very beginning, it was therefore important for the company to establish a competent customer service that is available at all times.

Problems in Meeting Demand

Talixo initially covered 1st and 2nd level support with a small in-house team. This team took care of receiving customer inquiries, monitoring the platform, and processing contact data and emails. However, as the start-up grew and its customer base increased, so did the need for customer service, which could no longer be met by the previous team. In order to be able to offer customers the desired level of service, the team had to be expanded.

Growth Through Outsourcing

Since building an in-house team to cover customer service 24/7 involves an extremely high level of effort, as suitable employees not only have to be found but also trained, Talixo decided to outsource.

A call center had to be found that could meet the start-up’s complex requirements in the long term and fully support the in-house team:

  • Coverage of European night hours from 11:00 pm to 7:30 am
  • Bilingual team
  • Inbound, outbound und back office support

Snubes Provides the Necessary Perspective

But where do you start looking for the right partner? In Germany alone, there are over 700 call centers that could be potential partners, and many more throughout Europe. It is therefore important to find out which providers can not only cover all the relevant requirements of the company, but also have available capacities and offer their service at a fair price. Those who have not already gained extensive experience in the call center industry through previous projects are faced with a confusing and non-transparent market and thus with the task of finding the needle in the haystack.

To get a targeted overview of the call center market and get in touch with the best possible selection of call centers, Talixo turned to Snubes. Using our vendor database and call center industry experience, we set out to find a like-minded partner that could offer a centralized multilingual structure with a knowledge base and KPI-based performance, and deliver a high quality of service. By doing so, we wanted to ensure greater flexibility and customer satisfaction, as well as workflow and budget optimization.

Find the Right Partner Quickly and Easily

For Talixo, a start-up in the growth phase, it was important to make the outsourcing process of customer service as simple and efficient as possible, while having to invest as little time as possible. This is where the young company came across Snubes.

Jan Brenneke, VP Operations

“Finding a suitable outsourcing service provider through Snubes was very easy and our personal consultant helped us every step of the way.”

How the Collaboration with Snubes Drove the Project Forward

A quick request, which was completed in just three minutes, set the starting point for the collaboration and provided us with an initial overview of what Talixo was looking for. To understand their concerns in more detail and set up the joint project ideally, our team contacted the start-up and exchanged detailed information about their requirements in a telephone appointment. During the personal meeting, our call center experts ensured that all information essential for the success of the project was discussed. The project was then set up and launched on our platform.

Only Relevant Offers from Suitable Providers

With our call center industry experience, AI-based approach, and extensive quality data from our provider database, we were able to identify nine call centers that could have met Talixo’s complex requirements. After matching them to Talixo’s project on our platform, the start-up received offers from three of the requested call centers.

Successful Outsourcing Despite Complex Requirements

Our intelligent, data-based matching of project and providers on our platform is rounded off by our team’s many years of call center industry experience. This ensures that our customers receive only relevant offers from suitable providers quickly and easily.

From Quick Request to Decision in Only Two Months

By working with Snubes, Talixo was able to choose the right partner on its side in just two months. From the quick request via our website to the tendering of the project on our platform took only four working days. Just three days later, the company received the first offer and was able to evaluate three offers after the tender deadline – a process in which we are happy to support our customers at any time.

The decision was ultimately made in favor of a call center that stands for high service quality and flexibility. Although the provider had not submitted the most favorable offer, he was able to convince Talixo with his experience in being able to implement individual projects as well.

Jan Brenneke, VP Operations

“After a short time, we already had good offers on the table. An on-site visit confirmed the positive impression and we have now found a suitable partner.”


We are pleased to have successfully supported Talixo in their outsourcing project and to have found a partner who can meet the high demands of the start-up. After a two-month test phase, the call center’s external team of five was expanded to twelve agents, who took over 24/7 customer support and formed an organizational unit together with the internal team. In the further course of the project, the number of FTEs was increased to 30. By constantly optimizing workflow management, the call center was not only able to ensure quality, but also shorten the training times for new agents and reduce the budget.

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