Successful Outsourcing of Insurance Sales

How a well-known insurance company saved costs while improving customer satisfaction

12 Weeks Time Savings Through Simple Screening and Qualification

Seamless Transition From In-House To External

Significant Cost Savings Compared With Previous In-House Operation


Higher Customer Satisfaction with Simultaneous Cost Reduction

The client’s sales telephony comprises approximately 32 employees who sell insurance to end customers. Sales are carried out via a point-of-sale in branch offices and by forwarding customer data to an in-house call center for sales telephony.

In order to increase sales in insurance sales (current closing rate: 30%) and to ensure the necessary telephone support, an external call center is responsible for ensuring a legally compliant settlement process. The call center is tasked with achieving maximum customer satisfaction while optimizing processes. In addition, the call center is to take over some of the client’s employees into the new team in order to secure as many jobs as possible and to benefit from the exchange of experience and knowledge transfer.

Actually, it is almost impossible to find such a call center, which is also located around the corner of the client. You think. But reality shows something different. It only took five weeks – from the first meeting to the final decision in favor of a provider.


Mix of Experienced Employees and New Sales Professionals

For the implementation, a nearby call center was commissioned to build up a new core team. Thanks to the close proximity, some of the employees could be taken over, thus ensuring the transfer of knowledge. The team was supplemented by sales talents who were trained in the insurance products. Today, the team handles over 80,000 contacts per year inbound and outbound. In the near future, additional insurance products and tasks are to be added. This is also no longer a problem. The client provides monthly forecasts on call volume and the call center expands the team, completely flexible. Sounds simple? We think so too!


Satisfied Customers and Lower Costs

  • Establishment of a new sales service for insurance companies with technical and service competence at a very high level
  • Closing rates of 35-45% depending on the insurance package and a high service level for customers
  • Reduction of costs through the optimization of settlement processes
  • Long-term preservation of jobs despite outsourcing

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